What Kathy Hilton Can’t Live Without (2024)

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By Kathy Hilton

As told to Arielle Avila

What Kathy Hilton Can’t Live Without (1)

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what everyday stuff famous people add to their carts — like hair spray or an electric toothbrush. We askedKathy Hilton— who recently teamed up with her daughter Nicky Hilton and Ruggable on a collection — about the mascara all her friends use, energizing supplements, and the sun hat she has multiples of.

I fell in love with this company when they did the candy-cane scent. Everybody would walk into my house during December and love it. It smelled like candy cane, but not too sweet. It’s just magnificent. I ordered a dozen of them, and those were my gifts when I would go to people’s homes for holiday parties. Everybody really enjoyed them. Now I have the California Summer scent, and it’s the perfect fresh scent for summer. It’s my new favorite. I’m a candle lover. I don’t want another frame. Buy me a candle if you’re in doubt.

Lancôme is known for its mascara. Most people I know —even if they use makeup products from other brands —use Lancôme mascara. It adds volume, it doesn’t flake, and I love the brush. I’m always trying the newest ones, and this is the latest and greatest. I have to say, it lasts a long time.

I have been living in these. My eyes are a little puffy in the mornings, especially if I’ve had too much salt the night before. I find that Knesko masks are incredible for depuffing. I have the hydrating ones, ones for evening out skin tone. I keep them all in the refrigerator. I’m addicted to them. Even when I go to the airport, I’ll put them on and wear sunglasses over them. When they dry out, I throw on another pair.


Joanna Czech has come here and talked to me and my friends about her line of creams and everything. This is something she suggested. If she recommends it, it’s good, because she is very strict. I’ve tried them all, and this one’s my favorite at-home laser. It’s handheld, easy, and I love it. Again, if I’m puffy in the morning, I’ll use it and see a big difference. It’s like a Cinderella moment.

I have very sensitive skin. I try not to be in the sun because if I’m outside for just ten minutes, I’ll get red spots that turn into brown spots. I have tried so many different sunscreens, and it seems like somehow, the sun still gets to me. This one’s the best at protecting my skin. I put it on my hands and face. I just love the way it goes on. It’s actually a great primer if you decide that you’re going to go put a little makeup on.

Everybody has been talking about doing the NAD IVs. It actually started with my daughter Paris maybe doing it four or five years ago. I’ve done that a couple of times if I’m going out of town. It just gives you energy and it helps with everything: your hair, your nails, your skin. But I’ve been doing the supplements every day for about a month and definitely notice a big difference, especially my energy. I can go through my days on four or five hours of sleep. Everyone tells me, “Go to sleep. Go to sleep.” I feel great since taking these. I just had a lunch and gave a bottle to every one of my friends.

I happen to love Dunkin’. When I was little, I loved its donuts, those donut holes, and the coffee. Believe it or not, my mother was always very, very fussy about the coffee cup. Always china. I only started drinking coffee in the paper cups when I was doing HSN in Tampa, Florida. And then being on sets all the time, it became more normal. I just love drinking out of a paper cup. There’s something about it. And Dunkin’ is just my favorite.

Normally my skin is sensitive to fabrics. This does not make me itch. It feels like velvet, and it’s so pretty. I think the shade of pink is just beautiful. I don’t have a lot of sweaters because I can’t take the heat. I get really warm while wearing most sweaters. But this one is perfect because it’s lightweight.

I love my Lorna Murray hats. They give me a little height. They’re fun and colorful. I always get compliments on them, and they really cover you from the sun.I own it in so many colors. I have the polka dot, the rainbow, a white with red coral. That might be my favorite one. It seems like coral is back again. I wear it with my old Valentino or Andrew Gn.

For the Ruggable collection, we did a mood board of me and Nicky’s homes and inspirations from different hotels and homes we’ve traveled to and lived in. This one’s inspired by the Chrysler Building. We used to look at it right outside of our living room when it would light up at night. I absolutely love this rug. It’s in our sunroom. I go between there and my office to do business and love seeing this in there.

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What Kathy Hilton Can’t Live Without
What Kathy Hilton Can’t Live Without (2024)
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