HOT vs COLD Pregnant! Girl On FIRE VS ICY Girl II Funny Pregnancy Situations by GOTCHA! (2023)


Hi guys! Here's the Hot vs Cold girls challenge with funny pregnancy situations! Let's find out in this epic video with Girl On Fire and Icy Girl full of pranks, funny situations, and much, much more!

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What's happening, oh it's! Just the girls trying to wake up their boyfriends is that a pregnancy test, it's positive.

They are going to have a baby yay, it's time to find out the baby's gender one.

Two three yay pink flakes mean it's a girl.

It's a girl, hey watch it! It's a girl.

I wonder how mia and anthony will react ready.

Three, two one ew a bit more messy, huh blue, like cold, no silly, it means it's a boy, a boy! Yes, it's a boy, anthony and mia are visiting a doctor to check on their baby.

They seem very excited.

What's that sound doctor is something wrong.

The belly is burning.

What's happening, the heat is spreading through the stethoscope.

Oh, my hand, mia is squeezing it too hard.

They managed to get away.

Sorry, it's time for sophie's examination, not again this time the doctor froze sorry it's the baby.

Would you like to try it? Oh no thanks do it.

He knows about the cold, but there's nowhere to back out now it's freezing, but at least you know that the baby is fine.

Now time for the ultrasound, let's see what we have here: fire I've never seen something like that.

What again mia is crushing anthony's hand out of joy, relax, breathe.

Ah what snow it doesn't seem to bother the parents they're both happy to see the baby.

It's anthony's tie.

He dropped it again.

It's too difficult to pick up huh, okay, I'll leave it maybe he'll pick it up later watch out ouch! I wouldn't want to get in her way.

Now she said the flowers on fire, easy, easy, good girl, damn it he left it again.

I can't reach it.

Aha, let's do this my way sophie made a stick out of ice yikes.

My guess is that from now on, daniel will be more careful not to leave his socks out it's time for a relaxing bath.

Let me check the temperature ouch.

It's way too cold way to go heating up the bath with your powers.

Ah perfect, now, one step at a time.

Yes, a boiling bath is just what I needed enough heat honey.

Ah, home sauna is the best it's not cold enough daniel.

Can you help me daniel brought a bucket of ice nice pour them all in? Ah so relaxing daniel? You know sophie so well, so good, finally, lovely coldness.

Thank you, my love.

It's getting cold! I should get going.

No, the door handle froze.

It seems that you'll be stuck here for a while such an intense moment.

You can do this daniel, steady stay.

The baby is kicking.

Damn what? Oh? You scared me? Oh no he's house of cards poor daniel the baby come listen dan.

What the baby is kicking daniel is really upset right now, but not enough to not listen.

What's happening your face, it's freezing, it must be the baby.

Are you? Okay? Sorry, it's kicking.

The baby is kicking.

Come come put your head here.

Hmm, I don't hear whoa anthony your face is burning huh.

What was that? Do you have a fever? No, it's the baby! Oh let me try this ouch.

Just like his mom flaming go go! Go you can do this.

The girls are doing their best to stay fit.

What happened? Sophie look mia, melted, the rubber mat.

What we need to help her! She can't even stand up up up.

You can do this and lifting up good job girls.

Now one two three phew, oh no! The ball is melting too.

Look at that slimy, blue, rubber ew, not on me, okay, girls, let's skip to the breathing exercises breathe in and out mia finds this activity boring, but not sophie.

She is so focused that she doesn't even notice that she is freezing the air with her breath.

Are you all right? Girls, oops, hey wake up, look get out! I did this! I'm sorry we are in the baby's room.

Sophie is opening up her baby presents.

I wonder: what's inside, oh a white bear ew, so disappointing everything looks so dull boxes, toys, hey what if I changed it, we got another present voila.

Now that's what I'm talking about wow.

Look at that color.

Now everything seems more fitting for sophie's taste.

Wait! Is that you, daniel so cold, I'm sorry! You got here at the wrong time.


Can you move mia, doesn't like her baby's presence either nope? Oh certainly not! Is that anthony sleeping hmm? I got this.

Let there be fire much better.

Oh look at the colors, the decorations.

I am so happy.

What was that anthony look at his face? She accidentally painted it too.

Your arm.

Look at your face.

It suits you.

What what's wrong mia? Look at all those tears honey.

What's wrong.

Are you hurt look how unfairly he's treating his lover? Ah pregnant women so sensitive? Maybe tea will calm you down.

Ah much better now anthony.

Are you about to cry? I'm fine! It appears that pregnant women are not the only sensitive ones.

The flowers that daniel gave me they're dead.

Look her tears, brought them back to life.

Daniel, come look at the flowers.

What's going on? No, no! No! No! No it's too late! Now! Oh no sophie is sad again.

What happened? They froze honey, don't cry now they will bloom forever forever.

Really, yes, oh daniel, that's so sweet whoa! Are you planning to eat all that spicy chicken, so yummy, just one more and more and more, the whole bucket is empty.

I ate it all, but I'm still hungry, hmm! No way.

The fridge is empty.

Popcorn come here.

It's movie time now the popcorn wow, it's heating up what a great way to use your powers, mia yum, but something is missing: aha, hot or super hot super hot, of course, sprinkle sprinkles sprinkle, so good yum ice cream come to papa.

Can I have it? What oh okay, good thing? I have more found you hey dan! Can I have one more what you already ate it? Well, okay, but it's the last one.

I only have one more left this time.

You are mine for sure my precious.

Oh, my she looks so adorable.

How can you resist such cute eyes? You simply can't I'll manage without ice cream.

Where did that cute kitten go damn I'm still hungry.

What, if, firstly, a cup then pouring in some cola? I wonder what she came up with now: let there be ice no way, cola, ice cream, amazing, so delicious, oh mia is knitting socks for her baby and anthony is helping her in his own way.

Oh come on.

Look mia's heat is spreading through the thread yikes that must be hot, ah, not again out I'll finish.

It myself, guys anthony is back.

This time he is properly prepared a drink to cool down and oven.

Gloves for palm protection.

Sophie is knitting too she's using a thread from a sweater look.

Sophie's cold is spreading through the thread.

Daniel doesn't understand why it's so freezing in here sophie figured it out.

Look you gave me the wrong thread.

That's why you're so cold? Oh I'll! Go change! Guys! Okay! Let's do this wow, so fast, wonder what she's knitting sophie worked so hard that she even fell asleep, be careful not to wake her up.

She made clothes for daniel for frost protection.

She is such a caring girlfriend come here: cold, cold, cold, cold.

Both girls are hanging out what's wrong, sophie water on the sofa and ice cubes fire and boiling water.

Their water broke at the same time guys come quick.

The babies are coming, not only the girls, but the guys are panicking too.

Oh no anthony passed out.

Everybody take a deep breath.

Everything is going to be okay.

That's it folks! Hope you enjoyed our hot and cold pregnancy journey as much as we did.

Sophie's baby inherited her powers, wow mia's, baby too.

It looks like it's only the beginning.

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