Free Standing Patio Cover Kits - (2024)

How To Diy Patio Covers

How to build a free standing patio cover

How to DIY: Building your dream Patio Cover is easy by simply following instructions and ordering the right kit and tools. DIY can help cut the costs of labor, saving you money! By Doing-It-Yourself with Patio Kits Direct, you can be assured that you will get the job done with our easy-to-use building manual and available email and phone support. Our kits have been built by many different people and you can do it too!

1. Choose your Type of Patio Cover Solid, Lattice, or Combination Insulated Roof Panels

2. Choose your Attachment Style Attached or Free Standing

3. Choose your Customizable Details Color, End Cap Style, Light/Fan Wiring, Posts/Columns

1. Consider all locality-specific Engineering Factors Snow load, wind factor etc. for your area.

2. Print Out your KIT Engineering Packet to present to the Building Department

3. Get your housing Plot Map a Map of your house structure and neighboring properties

4. Apply for a Permit

1. Order a Pre-Fabricated KIT from our Shopping Cart

2. -Or- Get a FREE Quote for a more Custom Cover

3. Kit will arrive in 2-3 Weeks

1. Get all necessary Tools and Equipment

2. Install Ledger Board

1. Receive your KIT and start building!

2. Use Building Instructions provided with your KIT.

3. Email or call us for support in your DIY efforts.

View Video Time Lapse – 1 Day Install

Prepare The Required Materials

Before starting your project, you need to prepare some materials including pressure-treated boards in the following sizes: 4×4, 2×4, 2×6, and 2×10.

Besides, you will need a hammer, shovel, circular saw, socket set, jigsaw, wheelbarrow, a post hole digger, spade, screwdriver, and power drill.

Do not forget to have some gravel, quick-dry cement, lag bolts, level, and galvanized screws.

Measure Your Patio Space

To make sure you are ordering the correct free standing wood patio cover kits from us measurement is key! Read through How to Measure for a Pergola for an overview of determining the size patio cover kit youll need, including posts. Then start taking measurements. If you need help at all during this step, were only a phone call or email away!

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You’ll Get Our Founder’s Cell Phone Number Seriously

Our founder, Bob Pinnell, has over 30 years of experience designing and installing Alumawood and Weatherwood patio covers all across the country. Were experts when it comes to patio covers and were here to help you every step of the way.

We help guide you through the entire process, from design through completion. We have technicians on staff that have in the field experience and can answer your questions.

Aluminum Patio Cover Kits

Free Standing Patio Cover Kits - (1)

If theres one thing you expect from Los Angeles, its sunshine. After all, California is known far and wide as the Sunshine state. The part they dont tell you about is all the heat that comes with that glorious sunshine. You can step outside for a bit of natural light and get slapped in the face with temperatures in the 90s or even over 100 degrees. For the Los Angeles homeowners, thats not the ideal circ*mstance. So, what you can do? You can take advantage of the many kinds of aluminum patio cover kits available to you.

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Adjustable Patio Cover Kit Photos

Order contents for an Alumashade Adjustable Patio Cover kit will include:

  • Toll-Free text and phone Support
  • Bobs personal cell phone #
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Solara louvers are 3.41 wide and are available in roll-formed or extruded.
  • Apollo Louvers are 8 wide and extruded.

Louvers run perpendicular to the rafters & the house on attached covers.

Adjustable covers need 1/2 per foot of slope for rain runoff. Covers may have more slope.

Flashing is not included in standard kits.

it is important to enter the correct snow and wind loads in your estimate. Correct information will ensure your cover is designed and quoted correctly.

Standard Solara kits do not include gutters, the water will shed off the end.

Apollo kits have Gutters built into the design.

Motors are an option for the adjustable covers. Remote controls are included with the motors.

Ceiling fans and lights are not engineered for Solar covers. Some larger Apollo covers may carry a ceiling fan if they have a middle beam

Gutters can be installed on a Solara cover by pushing the outside rafter to the edge of the louvers. A standard gutter and downspout may then be attached to that Solara rafter to catch the rain runoff. This option may require the purchase of an additional Solar rafter.

Standard kits come with roll formed louvers. Extruded louvers may be purchased as an upgrade. Extruded louvers may be required for high snow load areas or where hail damage may occur.

A Nice Spot To Enjoy The Backyard

This freestanding patio makes a perfect place to spend your afternoon or to entertain your guests with the view of your beautiful garden.

Then, each post comes with a simple design and color that suits the concrete flooring. A statement chandelier is hanging over the outdoor table and chairs for an outstanding adornment.


  • The wooden roof looks sturdy and dependable enough to protect you from the glaring sun or rain.


  • Coming with a complicated design, a novice woodworker may find it hard to install the roof.

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Patio Cover For A Narrow Space

If you are looking for a great way to add function to your backyard patio without breaking the bank, this picture makes a perfect example.

This small and simple design sits flush on a narrow backyard patio. Since it only features a seating area, you will be able to save the budget to carry out this project.


  • It does not require much budget and can fit on a narrow backyard patio.


  • The space only serves as an additional living room due to the small coverage.

Outdoor Kitchen And Fireplace

How to Build a Grey Freestanding Elitewood Patio Cover

This freestanding covered patio houses an outdoor kitchen and a dining area that features a fireplace. With enough seating area, this makes a perfect retreat for every member of the family.

The wooden posts come with an exposed brick foundation that matches the fireplace and kitchen counter. Additionally, lighting fixtures in different styles are found all around the space for added illumination.


  • Surrounding trees offer additional shade for more comfortable outdoor activities.


  • This freestanding patio idea is not suitable for a narrow yard.

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Customization Of Your Diy Patio Cover Kit

Aluminum Patio cover kits come in two main flavors. Standard kits that come in a set of defined sizes and custom-sized kits. Custom-sized kits are for those offbeat properties that have odd boundaries or peculiarly shaped patios.

Just because the previous owners built a u-shaped patio around three sides of the house, it doesnt mean you shouldnt be able to enjoy the outdoors. Just because your patio is narrow because the property drops off a veritable cliff in the backyard, it doesnt reduce your need for some decent shade. Thats what custom sized Aluminum Patio Cover Kits are all about.

You can even take your pergola customization to the next level. Many Aluminum Patio Cover Kits or pergola kits come with a range of color options. A Trex pergola, for example, has 17 basic colors options you can pick from right out of the box. If none of those colors work, you can even get a custom paint tint to better match your homes paint job or trim color.Already have exterior structures, you can even color match to those for visual continuity.

Many shade structures also let you choose between attached and freestanding models. With our Aluminum Patio Cover Kits you can easily construction your pergola kit to look like its part of your house structure. Simply choose an attached model and color match with the house. Want it to look like a separate structure? Choose a freestanding Aluminum Patio Cover Kit and select a color that distinguishes it from your home.

Free Standing Patio Cover Kit

Santa Fe Redwood Pergola Kit

This is a stylish free standing pergola which will give a stunning look to your outdoor living space. The curvy roof design is so gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing. The handmade pergola is professionally built to provide you a comfortable relaxing time. It is so easy to assemble without any sawing or drilling.

  • 4 Main Knee Braces
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    Get The Wooden Posts Ready

    Since this project uses wooden posts, you should take time to remove the moisture since this material is prone to deterioration.

    Thus, for preventive measures, you can incorporate crushed stones or gravel into each hole that you have dug out in the previous step.

    The depth of the layer should be 3 inches and you need to tamp it down afterward. Then, pour the same amount of gravel into the holes before you tamp them down again.

    You Pick The Hardware Package

    Free Standing Patio Cover Kits - (2)

    ZMax Hardware Package

    We offer hardware in ZMAX®, hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel to help you address your corrosion-resistant needs.

    Architectural Series

    Substantial connectors that join posts and beams, creating a refined look.

    Ornamental Wood Ties

    Ornamental Wood Ties are the ultimate statement of style and strength by producing strong connections, enhancing your project design.

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    A Small Patio With Pergolas

    If you have a small yard and still wish to keep the size of the garden, copy this layout to create your freestanding covered patio.

    It does not take much space and the furnishing is pretty simple as well. Besides, the dark-painted pergolas give the cream and beige tones underneath an interesting contrast.

    Moreover, a pair of white pendant lights hang over the seating area for added beauty both night and day.


    • The pergolas allow some light to enter the seating area without making it too overwhelming.


    • You may need to store your outdoor furniture elsewhere during rainy weather.

    Free Standing Patio Cover Kits With Easy Diy Installation

    Having your patio covered is an important thing to do. Besides making you feel for comfortable to spend a long time enjoying the summer air in your outdoor living space, it also will protect all the furniture and accessories that you place on your patio.

    A patio cover will always make your outdoor space feel more inviting. You can hold a joyful dinner or BBQ party with your friends and family without worrying the severe UV rays or rain water. As for the outdoor furniture and accessories, their durability wont get tested too much because they are protected from harmful elements.

    There are several types of patio cover, and based on its installation types, you can choose the mounted or the free standing one. The attached patio cover is the one which is mounted to the houses wall, Both of them are mostly sold in kits nowadays, which can be assembled by yourself, with a little help from a friend obviously.

    If you have a patio which is separated from your home, the free standing patio cover is your best choice. Besides, it offers the better comfortability to your patio in which you can enjoy the surrounding without any limit with the relaxing air and natural sunlight. As a bonus, you can use the free standing patio cover as a carport, when all your patio furniture and accessories are stored in the basem*nt.

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    Patio Covers & Pergolas Built In

    and shipped directly to you!

    Were number one because weve been designing pergolas and vinyl patio covers for over 25 years. We understand that your pergola is an investment that should last a lifetime. Thats why we put extra special care into every vinyl patio cover kit we manufacture. We use only use the highest quality materials available, from commercial grade, impact resistant vinyl to galvanized steel inserts to provide the extra support needed to withstand all sorts of weather. You are guaranteed your pergola or vinyl patio cover will be maintenance free, hassle free, beautiful and will last a lifetime.

    Is It Really Do It Yourself

    DIY Patio cover | Under $400 in materials | Budget friendly backyard patio cover

    Do It Yourselfer’s you can install their own patio cover! Do It Yourself Kits usually only take a weekend to install for the average Home Owner with basic Hand Tools. TheTools needed are relatively inexpensive and can be found at any home center , also many places have them available for rent.

    Every kit comes with Installation Instructions to walk you through every step.

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    Outdoor Heating & Cooling

    Whether youre in the market for an all-weather canopy, a hardtop gazebo, or a beautifully designed greenhouse, Costco has the perfect outdoor structure to complement both your lifestyle and budget. Many of our outdoor and garden structures come in easy-to-assembled kits, with pre-cut and pre-drilled pieces, well-illustrated instructions, and necessary hardware. We also offer a large selection of resort-worthy patio and outdoor furniture to help you complete your beautiful new outdoor space.

    Add shade and privacy to your outdoor living space with a premium gazebo from Costco. With their solid roofs and spacious size, gazebos are perfect for year-round entertaining. Youll no longer have to worry about dinners being ruined by a sudden rain shower, or kids’ playtime being cut short because of too much sun exposure. And you can shop confidently knowing that our gazebo kits have high-end materials, including weather-resistant cedar and galvanized steel. Choose between a wood or metal gazebo, and enjoy great features like stylish privacy walls, built-in benches, and detachable mosquito netting.

    A Romantic Backyard Retreat

    With a beamed ceiling, wooden posts, and shingles, this freestanding covered patio creates a cozy retreat for the homeowners.

    The string lights add a dramatic touch to this patio cover, whereas offering adequate illumination for a relaxing night with your loved ones.


    • White curtains hanging on each post not only creates a dramatic effect on the patio cover but also improve its privacy.


    • This plan requires more budget considering the furniture and decoration pieces used in the project.

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    Lead Time Quick Shipping

    We are the manufacturer with over thirteen production lines available to produce both standard and custom size kits. We keep extensive inventory of insulated panels in 4 wide widths and lengths ranging from 8 to 20 ready to ship immediately.

    We have been manufacturing and distributing patio covers for over forty years. We offer the highest quality kit that money can buy, and we only sell consumer direct and through our authorized installers. What differentiates our kit from others is the quality of product and seamless purchase experience. We have the scale to quickly deliver as promised and the personalized customer support to help you through the entire process.

    Patio Kits Direct : Faq And Options

    Free Standing Patio Cover Kits - (3)

    Is it Noisy under my Solid Alumawood Patio Cover Kit ?

    Alumawood Insulated vs Non insulated patio cover kit

    How to choose Alumawood Colors for your do it yourself patio cover kit

    How to choose Alumawood End caps/ Tails for your DIY Patio cover kit

    How to choose between Single Beam VS Double Beam

    How to choose between Standard Post VS Fiberglass Columns

    1787 Pomona Road Unit BCorona, California 92880

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    Factory Direct To You

    We ship directly from our factory to your home, we sell patio covers in many designs and can accommodate almost any design criteria you present to us, so call or email with your ideas, you can get some great ideas from our Photo Gallery. We will be glad to help you with your own design to meet your needs and desired function.

    Customize Your Patio Cover Kits

    There are many different styles and sizes of free standing patio covers that can fit any size landscape. If youre looking for a lot of patio coverage, our Big Kahuna Pergola Kit offers the most coverage. If youre looking for a more open design, you can consider our Fedora Pergola Kit. And our Brim is a nice addition to the border of your patio area, and can be paired with a larger free standing patio cover to complete your patio cover plan!

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    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Covered Patio

    There really is no one way answer for this question. There are many factors in play when it comes to pricing out free standing patio covers for your dream backyard. We offer 90 different sizes and styles for you to choose from. Depending on your taste a new free standing patio cover could range from $1,620 to $11,530+ depending on the sizes, style, and accessories you choose. In addition to our talented customer service team, we offer a buying guide to help navigate the process and choose the best free standing patio cover for your backyard and budget!

    Not Sure What Size Free Standing Patio Cover To Order

    Freestanding Lattice Patio Cover

    Our full-sizefree standing patio covers ranging from 8×8 up to 20×20 for standard sizes and you can submit a custom quote request for other sizes. The pergolas shown here are some ideas of free standing patio covers from our customers who submitted photos of their backyard pergola project. Take a closer look at how our customers have made their free standing patio covers and attached Big Kahuna pergolas fit into their unique patio designs in Indiana, Virginia, and Arizona. Which of these is your favorite?

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    Diy Alumawood Patio Cover Features:

    • Made of durable aluminum, right here in the USA.
    • Constructed to emulate a wood patio cover, large post and beams and a cedar wood grain finish.
    • Trim work is included, sideplates on the posts, side fascia’s, front fascia’s and the false rafter tails come standard.
    • Sizes ranging from 6′ x 6′ to 20′ x 100′
    • Engineered Designs from 10lbs to 60lbs snow loads.
    • Integrated Gutter and Downspout included.

    What does the patio cover look like?

    The roof panels looks like three inch tongue and groove like you would see on the old veranda style Victorian homes.

    Try-Tech Patios offers the most up-to-date engineering. If you’re getting a permit, you can trust we will design your cover to meet your requirement and give you the best possible kit.

    The best quality about Alumawood is that it is customized by you and made to order. Customers can modify our Diy Patio Cover kits to complement their homes, and backyards creating an outdoor living space that fits their individual lifestyle.

    Free Standing Patio Cover Kits - (2024)
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